Dyslexia Assessments

I offer a range of screenings as detailed below. All screenings take place in the assessor's home.

In-depth Dyslexia Screening

  • An in-depth comprehensive screening service is available as a starting point for specialist tuition and intervention. This screening test gives a detailed and specific profile of your child's strengths and difficulties and can be used to inform teaching interventions. It provides an indication if your child is likely to be at risk of having dyslexia and can be the first stepping stone for parents who are uncertain about their child's strengths and difficulties.
  • Testing includes: single word reading, oral reading fluency, comprehension and phonic decoding; spelling and writing, phonological awareness, processing speed and working memory.
  • The report is available within 10 days.

The fee includes pre-testing and post- testing consultations with parent/caregiver. The consultation  will include how to interpret findings and analyse results and  discuss what steps to take next. I will also give recommendations on specific areas such as reading fluency strategies depending on your child's needs.

Detailed Literacy Report:

  • This is a detailed assessment focusing on your child's literacy. Tests include: single word, oral reading fluency, comprehension, phonics and blending, single word spelling, free writing and writing dictation.
  • The report is available within 10 days.
  • The fee includes before/after consultations with parent/caregiver.

Pre-Teaching Assessment:

  • A pre-teaching assessment is conducted as part of a pre-consultation and details can be found here.

***In accordance with current Government Guidelines, face-to-face interactions are postponed at present.  Option for some services via zoom/phone call. We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.  

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