Specialised Dyslexia Tuition

My interest and passion have allowed me to develop and utilise support materials and resources to help children with dyslexia. Your child’s needs will be supported in a relaxed and friendly learning environment in a private practice. Following consultation and screening, I will determine the most appropriate literacy intervention. This will be highly individualised and appropriate to your child’s learning needs.

Based on research and evidence-based practices, my dyslexia tutoring uses structured, cumulative and multi-sensory teaching. The lessons are based on ‘conquering literacy’ which is widely used by specialist dyslexia teachers. However, due to the varying nature of diverse difficulties a learner with dyslexia will present with, and given the fact that every child is unique and has a specific profile, I will use a combination of  appropriate strategies and interventions.

Your child will practise a wide range of skills that include:

  • Alphabet arc activities
  • Visual and auditory memory training
  • Letter sound knowledge
  • Blending and reading words
  • Comprehension strategies
  • Spelling, handwriting and letter formation
  • Dictation and punctuation.

I ensure a warm and welcoming approach with a range of interactive games and resources which create a friendly and interactive environment for learners.

Tailored Learning

  • One-hour slots of tailored learning with an additional five minutes verbal feedback with parents at the end of the session.
  • Lessons are planned according to your child’s specific cognitive profile and learning preferences/styles.
  • A variety of methods are used during sessions tailored to your child’s learning style.
  • A variety of suitable resources are selected to ensure that the sessions are productive, beneficial, varied and fun.
  • Follow-up activity during the week to ensure consistency.
  • Where previous reports are made available, the recommendations are taken into consideration and impacted into my practice.

Dyslexia Learning Programme

Our Dyslexia Learning Programme involves the following:

  • A 12 week individualised and intensive programme which focuses on a specific aspect of learning e.g. phonics, reading fluency or vocabulary.
  • It will be designed to suit your child’s specific strengths and difficulties.
  • An initial test will initiate placement.
  • Specific resources and strategies are used  to help your child such as manipulatives, games, websites and apps.
  • A Learning Programme Plan will be designed with individualised targets and strategies.

Prior to the commencement of tuition, a pre-tuition dyslexia consultation and detailed assessment will be charged at an additional fee.

***In accordance with current Government Guidelines, face-to-face interactions are postponed at present.  Option for some services via zoom/phone call. We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.  

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