Dyslexia Consultations

Our private consultations are designed to meet your specific needs. They may vary from an initial consultation prior to assessments and specialist tuition or an independent consultation to provide expert advice and address your concerns. Because dyslexia is a lifelong difficulty, it is crucial to determine the correct course of action to take that is specific to your child’s needs.

Pre-Tuition Consultation and Assessment 

Before I begin, I conduct a pre-teaching assessment and consultation.

 During this consultation, I will:

  • Gather a detailed over-view of child e.g. background and developmental history, learners’ strengths and difficulties, prior-testing reports and samples of work as necessary.
  • Look at previous reports and findings in order to plan the intervention programme.
  • Complete a teaching assessment using a range of standardised and informal tests so that I can plan an individualised multi-sensory programme.
  • Discuss strategies and approaches, type of tutoring needed and how to support your child at home.

Following the pre-teaching assessment and parent consultation, you will be provided with a report containing the findings, recommendations, strategies and targets for the teaching programme.

General Information Consultations

If you wish to have an independent consultation about your child’s dyslexia and explore ways to help, this includes:

  • Interpreting data and terminology from previous reports and findings.
  • Information regarding strategies or resources to use at home.
  • How to explain dyslexia to your child.
  • To address any concerns or issues that you may have regarding your child’s dyslexia.

Consultations are charged per hour. Hourly fee is available on request.

Option to have consultation via zoom/phone call. 

087 625 1205

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