Welcome to my website! You are probably here because you are a concerned parent and you may want to seek more information and advice on how best you can support your child’s dyslexia. Your child may have been recently diagnosed with dyslexia and you may be  looking for appropriate tips and strategies to support your child at home. You may be a teacher seeking further information on dyslexia and you may want to know how you can support those pupils who present with literacy difficulties in your class; or you may request  further clarification on some dyslexia terminology.

I decided to set up this blog to support parents, children and educators by sharing  knowledge and important information on dyslexia.  Blog posts will integrate theoretical and practical information from discussing dyslexia and specific supports; to sharing important resources to help individuals with dyslexia. My own passions and interests in language and literacy learning will hopefully empower and instil confidence in others to support individuals with dyslexia.  I hope that you will find the information both beneficial and rewarding.




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