Key websites to support children with dyslexia

We fall yet again in unprecedented times and we encounter an online world where seeking information and knowledge quickly and effectively, is indeed crucial to meet the demands of school and home life. School can be a very challenging time for any child, but particularly for those children with difficulties e.g. literacy difficulties/dyslexia. I have compiled a list of key websites that will hopefully assist your child in his/her learning. These resources are not just effective for children with dyslexia but will essentially benefit all children to develop important literacy skills.

This is a super website! It provides tips and strategies for parents and teachers for teaching sight words. You can easily print the sight words from the lists already available or indeed create your own list depending on the words your child is working on. Each flashcard has a directional arrow so children can visually see that we read and write from left to right. This website has some vey useful instructional strategies and games for developing both phonemic and phonological awareness and developing early literacy skills. It also supports children who present with difficulties in identifying letters and sounds.


This is an excellent website to support struggling readers. It gives tips and strategies for parents and teachers can have their own log in to assign specific readers to a group or class.


Another excellent resource with hundreds of stories all clearly laid out in a structured manner. This website is great for EAL students but equally for those students with dyslexia where they have the option to change the font, size and colour to make them more accessible.


This resource is great for audio books. It has a range of actors who read popular books aloud for pupils. In this manner, pupils can still engage in the reading process and it encourages both reading success and motivation. Children with dyslexia can still be exposed to the same vocabulary and language as their peers while listening to to stories read aloud.


This is a great website for maths resources if your child’s difficulties transfer to mathematics  e.g. sequencing steps, problem solving or difficulties in mathematical  language  e.g. words such as  ‘difference’, ‘altogether’ or ‘fewer’.

This webiste has free printable spelling resources for teachers and parents. It is particularly good for children with dyslexia as it enables them to succeed in reading in a fun and engaging way, while building their confidence to achieve success.


This website is from the international literacy association so we know that it is going to be fantastic resource.  It has some great ideas for writing genres and templates to create pieces of writing. This can then transfer to school  e.g. ‘Writer’s Workshop’  where children can print their own  ‘Persuasion Maps’ for the persuasive writing genre.


Lots of fun games and activities for children to play at home or in school. This website covers history, geography, science, maths and much more. Information on various topics  is presented in a structured manner under each class area and this would be a great resource to use for project work to foster creativity in pupils with dyslexia.


This is a super resource for parents and educators and it is gaining in popularity. There are hundreds of books and reading material to suit every child.


This website enables children to create their own storybooks based on their own language and personal interests.  Remember children with dyslexia learn best when they can connect and integrate their own learning experiences. This tool could be used as a follow up lesson in history where they might write about ‘A day in the life of a Viking’ or ‘A daily record diary of Anne Frank’. In this manner, pupils with dyslexia are encouraged to use their own creative and imaginative strengths.




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